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Business and Administration programs at
Averett University

Associate of Science in Business
If you're ready to make the first move into a business career, the Associate of Science in Business from the Graduate and Professional Studies division could be the program for you. The ASB degree program is tailored for people starting out in the business world, offering a combination of general education and foundational business administration courses. It is offered as a fully online degree program.

You'll develop professional communication skills and expand your critical thinking capabilities, including your mathematical reasoning. You'll explore topics such as marketing, finance, and accounting, while developing an understanding of how businesses are managed in a global economy. This degree is designed to equip you with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills you can use at work.

Bachelor of Business Administration
Achieving your goals in the business world requires more than willpower and hard work. You need a qualification that equips you with an understanding of how businesses operate in today's global economy. Averett University's Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree for adult learners is designed to offer the business knowledge you need in marketing, accounting, management and more.

This bachelor's degree completion program has been developed for students who have some prior college experience and are interested in pursuing or advancing a business career. It is formatted to work with learners who have career and family obligations, with convenient study.

Master of Business Administration - Executive MBA
Master's degrees are graduate qualifications, designed for bachelor's degree holders who require more advanced knowledge after several years in the workplace. Master's programs build on concepts learned during bachelor's degree programs, aiming to produce graduates who:

•Have advanced decision-making and analytical skills
•Understand higher-level, or highly-specialized, concepts in their field
•Have professional-level communication and writing skills
•Are capable of designing and carrying out research projects
•Are prepared to lead or manage others in their field

Master's degrees are rigorous programs, with heavy reading and research-based writing requirements. Many master's degree programs include courses in statistics or other forms of quantitative analysis. Group work and presentations are also common.

Master of Business Administration - Human Resource Management

Employees are what make a company work-and also one of its largest expenses. Effective human resource management helps ensure that the right people get hired for the right roles, and motivate them to produce great work for the company. Skilled HR professionals can help a company achieve its goals and keep costs down by identifying talent and reducing turnover.

Averett University's division of Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) offers an MBA in Human Resource Management designed to offer you advanced skills in HR. The degree covers executive-level topics in business administration, with a module of specialized courses focused on the HR function. Offered completely online or through a blend of online and on-campus study, this program is designed to work with the needs of students in active careers.

Master of Business Administration - Leadership

Leadership is about more than a commanding attitude or the ability to deliver on great ideas. Leadership takes skill-building teams that achieve, developing strategies that work, and nurturing a winning workplace culture. Develop your leadership qualities with concrete skills: earn your Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership (MBA-LDR) through Averett University's Graduate and Professional Studies division.

This MBA program, available on-campus or online, offers both theoretical and practical study of business administration and business leadership. It's ideal for experienced professionals who want to make things happen. It's also ideally formatted for those who don't want to put their careers on hold, with evening classes and online classes available.

Master of Business Administration - Marketing

If your job involves identifying new product opportunities, analyzing consumer behavior, or getting the message out about your company's services, you can upgrade your skills with an MBA in Marketing. Averett University offers a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing through its division of Graduate and Professional Studies.

This degree program looks at marketing from a managerial perspective and within a global context. Students will investigate current theory surrounding marketing and develop practical skills for advancing their marketing expertise. This program offers a blend of online and on-ground study, letting you accommodate your career and family obligations while you earn your degree.