Surprising Facts About Online Education

Online education is quickly becoming a prominent and important piece of the education pie in the United States.  The explosive growth of this segment of education, even during a recession, is nothing short of spectacular. It is becoming clear that there is a fundamental shift in how Americans are being educated after high school. The flexibility, lower cost, and variety of choice are just some of the reasons that online education is growing at its current pace. The following infographic will give you a better idea of the scope, impact, and future of online education. Enjoy!

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  1. AJ says:

    This is a very interesting infographic. However, I was trying to learn more and found that the listed resources were mostly dead-ends. Where did you get the figure that the eLearning industry would be worth $50 billion this year? I didn’t see it mentioned in the 3rd resource as indicated. Also, do you have an alternate link for the 2nd resource? That link can no longer be found on the host site.

  2. […] Auch wenn ich auf den ersten Blick keine Überraschungen gefunden habe (die meisten Daten sind aus dem jährlichen Sloan-Report), sind in diesem Schaubild die Informationen über Online Education in den USA interessant und ansprechend aufbereitet. Mir ist dieses Infographic-Format übrigens vor einigen Tagen beim Stichwort “College in America” schon einmal begegnet und weil ich damals die Gelegenheit verstreichen ließ, will ich diese nun wahrnehmen. Nichts weiter. Degree Scout, 20. September 2010 […]

  3. Frank says:

    I employ someone just to check all this.

    Great stuff and very useful.

    Tank you

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