Looking for a Low Stress Job?

Some people, namely CEO’s, surgeons and police officers, enjoy the adrenaline rush of a high stress career. For many of us, though, the clammy hands, heart-pounding, and stomach churning, are just too much!

CareerCast recently did a study of 200 general professions and looked at the ones with the least stress.

10. Janitor: Cleaning officers, schools, and other types of facilities doesn’t require much decision-making, yet you’re still providing a valued service.

9. Piano Tuner: Working to adjust the strings on a piano might require a well-trained ear and a lot of precision, but the work is far from being a matter of life and death.

8. Bookkeeper: This one actually surprised me, since I find it stressful to manage money, but I guess in this position, you aren’t actually making any decisions – just maintaining records.

7. Librarian: Your workplace is quiet, and the biggest pressure you have during the day is not being able to find a book.

6. Medical Secretary: Again, it’s a valued service, but one that doesn’t require much thought as you go about your day. That’s not to say medical secretaries don’t work hard; they do. They just don’t have to worry about anything other than transcription, typing, and filing.

5. Appliance Repairer: While it can be frustrating to fix a problem, most appliance repairers know so much about their field that they rarely come across real challenges. If something is that broken, the consumer usually just tosses it.

4. Forklift Operator: This job isn’t completely mindless, since there are safety precautions you have to take, but you essentially get to ride around all day moving things from one location to another.

3. Actuary: If working with numbers is your cup of tea, this is a pretty zen job. You’ll be computing and interpreting statistics all day, and much of the decision-making is actually done automatically, rather than left to you.

2. Medical Records Technician: This job boils down to just a few tasks: filing and updating records in healthcare facilities. This is a very, very important job, since inaccurate medical records really could kill someone, but once you learn the system, it isn’t hard to complete your task with ca very high accuracy level.

1. Musical Instrument Repairer: The number one job on this list is a combination of two found on here already – appliance repairer and piano tuner. It’s a lovely job that does require skill, but allows you to work with music all day.

Something that is interesting to note about this list: the least stressful jobs, in many cases, are also ones where there isn’t a lot of opportunity for advancement. Does this make the career less rewarding? Perhaps. Not everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder, though, and I suspect that many people in these ten careers are incredibly happy with their job choice.

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