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Degree Programs Offered at Cornerstone University

CU Achieve: PROFESSIONAL AND GRADUATE STUDIES. Take your education to new heights with graduate and professional degree programs at CU. Deepen your knowledge. Extend your horizons. Or prepare to change paths.

Professional and Graduate Studies
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Degree Programs For Working and Adult Learners. Cornerstone University's mission is to provide students with empowering educational programs that offer relevant, practical information grounded in an ethical Christ-centered worldview.

Our school of Professional and Graduate Studies extends that mission to adult learners who want to:

• Complete a degree program in their current field
• Extend and deepen their professional knowledge
• Prepare the ground for a career path change through further education

Choose from a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, education, and human services. Course delivery options include campus-based classes, all-online programs, and online-campus blended courses.

"Cornerstone's PGS program was very direct.... I was able to apply what was learned in class directly to what I do both on and off the job."- Shawn Beene, MBA 2008

Professional Degree Programs Designed For You

Programs in the Cornerstone PGS programs are designed to meet the needs of working students. Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs are:

Practical and Relevant: Curriculum topics mirror real-world concerns. Small-group collaborative exercises reflect real-world working practices. Use tomorrow in the workplace what you learn today in the classroom.

Convenient: Evening classes meet once a week at times designed to mesh with work schedules. Multiple locations throughout Michigan make it easier to get to class. And online learning options give you even more flexibility.

Accelerated: Many of Cornerstone's PGS programs are designed to fit into intense schedules, meaning you can graduate sooner and put your new qualification to work for you.

CU: See Yourself Achieve With Cornerstone PGS
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Areas of Study at Cornerstone University

Business and Administration

Is your professional aim to start a career in accounting, finance, human resources, or entrepreneurship? Do you want to earn your MBA and pursue leadership and management positions in competitive business environments? Get more information here on top business schools today!


Education degrees are designed for individuals who are interested in roles as teachers, child care professionals, school administrators, or higher education administrators. Get more information today on undergraduate and graduate programs available with top universities.

Liberal Arts and Social Science

The area of Liberal Arts and Social Science includes subjects such as psychology, public administration, social services, and general studies. Students who complete their degree in these areas are prepared for graduate study in various fields. Get more information on schools offering Liberal Arts and Social Science degrees today!