Single Mom? How to find the best career for you and your children

Being a single mother is a Herculean feat: balancing your role as nurturer and head of household, with the challenge of supporting your children, and embarking on an education and career path that is rewarding.

For most single moms, the two most important career considerations are usually flexibility and salary. While those factors can often vary from job to job, there are certain industries that lend themselves to an environment of flexibility and greater salary potential.

According to Forbes magazine, the most flexible professions include sales, public relations, health care and real estate. As an added bonus, employees who work in those fields have the potential to make decent salaries. Education is also on the list. Although the hours are set, they’re likely to be the same as their school-age children’s.

Don’t have a degree? Degree Scout can help

For many single mothers, the dream of earning a degree took a back burner to raising children.

Once they become the breadwinner, single moms often face a Catch 22 of needing to earn money right away, but only having minimum-wage, dead-end jobs available to them.

“When I divorced, my children were 2 and 4, and my ex wasn’t involved in a financial or custodial respect. My mother was able to watch them at night, after her own workday ended, and I took a low-paying job at my local grocery store, because they had a night shift. It was depressing because there was no career potential or room for a salary adjustment,” one single mother told us. “I had my kids out of high school, and made the decision to be an at-home mom, instead of going to college. I really wanted to work in healthcare, as a nurse or dental assistant, but had no education.. A friend recommended www.degreescout.com and now I’m halfway through my bachelor’s degree in nursing.”

Many colleges and universities offer degrees that are affordable and flexible, so that working parents can find time to take classes. If any of the above careers are interesting to you as a single mother, and you don’t have college experience, websites like Degree Scout, at www.degreescout.com, can help pair students with the best program for their needs.

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