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Degree Programs Offered at Grand Canyon University

About Us

Since 1949, Grand Canyon University has been helping students find their purpose and achieve their potential by preparing them to pursue the profession of their dreams, advance in their current occupation, or re-career into a different field. As a Christian university, GCU also encourages students to find their purpose in Christ, with an emphasis on applying Christian values and ethics to their studies and to the workplace. 

Our online programs allow you to study at the times and places you choose while still enjoying the close connection with your classmates and instructors via online discussions. But unlike exclusively online universities, our programs are supported with the integrity and prestige of a traditional campus. 

Our classes are appropriately sized and offer engaging interaction with classmates as well as individual attention from instructors who care about your success.  Grand Canyon University is regionally accredited and consistently ranked among top colleges offering online courses by noteworthy sources including Fortune Small Business, Technology & Learning Magazine, Fox.com, Online Education Database (OEDb) and more. For more information, visit www.gcu.edu.


GCU Key Advantages

  • Accreditation: Grand Canyon University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. 
  • Convenience: Complete courses online, on campus or a combination of both.
  • Variety: Choose from over 60 degree programs in education, business, liberal arts, nursing, and health sciences.
  • Academic excellence: Quality academic programs provide the essential knowledge and skills needed to be effective in today’s complex business world.
  • Earlier graduation: Our 4-credit courses allow you to complete your degree program in less time.
  • Transfer friendly: We will request your transcripts, evaluate your coursework, and determine in 48 hours your anticipated graduation date. No GRE or entrance exams are required.
  • Financial options: Your financial options include financial aid, scholarships, direct bill and military benefits.

Grand Canyon University has announced that it will reduce tuition costs for online students in the College of Christian Studies by 25% effective July 1, 2012. This will benefit all incoming online students obtaining bachelor’s degrees through GCU’s College of Christian Studies.


Accreditation: https://www.gcu.edu/Academics/Accreditation.php

Gainful Employment Disclosure Information: http://www.gcu.edu/ProgramDisclosures/

Areas of Study at Grand Canyon University

Arts, Design and Digital Media

Are you interested in a career in fashion design, media arts, digital animation, game design, culinary arts, or film production? Search for art schools locally or online for more information on degree options available.

Business and Administration

At the cornerstone of every degree earned at the Colangelo College of Business is an education that develops values driven business leaders. The college features more than 25 programs from the bachelor through the master's level, including several high-demand MBA programs and an accelerated accounting degree.

Communication Studies

Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Arts in Communications program develops leaders in the fields of human communication and media. The program is built on a values-based liberal arts foundation. Students develop the knowledge, creativity, and intermodal communication skills necessary to design and deliver compelling messages.


Computers and Technology

Jobs within the computers and information technology field range from computer systems analysts, database administrators, network administrators and software developers. Get information here on schools offering degrees in computers and information technology.

Criminal Justice and Legal

Grand Canyon University's Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies prepares students to enter careers in law enforcement, governmental and private agencies, research, social work, political science, and a variety of other fields. Graduates will be able to describe the components of the justice system from a systems perspective, including function, organization, issues, practices, and interrelationship of law enforcement agencies, the courts, and the corrections system.

The Master of Science in Criminal Justice is designed for students seeking to expand their understanding of the law, social order, and justice. This program is particularly suited to law enforcement personnel who wish to advance in their field, as well as corrections, probation, and parole officers; law clerks; and other decision makers who address questions of public policy, social research, and administration of justice in the public sphere. This program also prepares students for work in legal foundations where in-depth issues are contended.


For over 60 years, Grand Canyon University has maintained a strong reputation as a prestigious Teaching College.  The primary goal of GCU's College of Education is to provide you with the confidence to achieve excellence in your career as a teacher or administrator. At GCU, you will gain a real-world knowledge that can be directly applied to your classroom. Our intentionally-small class sizes allow our instructors to provide you with a comprehensive foundation to build your confidence in the classroom. Earning a degree from GCU's College of Education provides the essential knowledge and in-demand skills needed for today's demanding and diverse classrooms.

Health and Human Services

Grand Canyon University's College of Nursing has a 25-year history of providing outstanding education. Students who plan to become professional registered nurses (RNs) can enter GCU's nursing program as freshmen to begin the pre-requisites or enter the program later with transfer hours. They will earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree and be prepared for an exciting nursing career. As a result of rigorous training and hard work, GCU students have an exceptional record of success on the NCLEX-RN licensure examination. While Grand Canyon University cannot guarantee employment after graduation, traditionally our graduates have been highly recruited by health care facilities.

Liberal Arts and Social Science

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences' general education curriculum provides the groundwork upon which all Grand Canyon University's undergraduate students' educational experiences are built. Skills in critical thinking, problem solving, integration of faith and discipline, global awareness, effective communication, and servant leadership are introduced and developed through introductory courses in composition, communication and information literacy, philosophy, history, psychology, sociology, mathematics, and science.

GCU also offers several undergraduate and graduate Christian studies degrees. These programs equip learners to lead as Christians in their areas of influence, be they secular, religious, professional or personal. Our Christian Studies degrees focus on biblical and theological knowledge, practical application of that knowledge, and the development of character and integrity in all aspects of life.

Retail and Hospitality

Retail and Hospitality programs are designed for people seeking management expertise for careers in hotels, resorts, restaurants, convention centers, and retail sales. Get more information today on top schools offering degrees in Retail and Hospitality.

Science and Engineering

Science and Engineering degrees prepare individuals to work with and develop technologies in a variety of disciplines. These include biomedical, civil, computer, electrical and medical engineering. Get more information today on top schools offering Science and Engineering degrees today!